Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Disenchanted & Co. #001- Her Ladyship's Curse by Lynn Viehl


Disenchanted & Co. 001
Lynn Viehl
August 12, 2013
4 ½ stars

Set in steampunk America, known as Toriana due to losing the Revolution, Her Ladyship’s Curse is the first installment in a series filled with magic, mystery and danger. Charmian “Kitt” Kittredge is a woman on her own with a business of her own. A non-believer in magic, Kitt investigates the unexplainable and finds the true explanations. But her life is put in danger when Lady Diana Walsh hires her to find out who is tormenting her during the night. What Kitt finds puts Lady Diana in peril and herself in a line with a man up to no good.
Lord Dredmore is a deathmage who is fascinated by Kitt. He declares himself her protector which is no easy feat and barely manages to spirit her away to his estate when danger looms too close. He is dark and brooding and not at all the type of man one would believe to harbor tender feelings for a woman.
I was immersed in Her Ladyship’s Curse from the first page. Ms. Viehl’s world-building is exceptional and the reader is transported to Toriana. The descriptions are vivid and vibrant, every character is well-rounded and has personality. And with the cliffhanger ending, I am on pins and needles for the second installment, due in October, His Lordship Possessed.

Book provided by Netgalley in exchange for review.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Rose In the Storm by Brenda Joyce

A Rose In the Storm
Brenda Joyce
June 25, 2013
3 ½ stars

I was ecstatic to see a new medieval period romance coming out. There are two few of them being released, so I pounced on the chance to review this. I started off sort of ambivalent as I felt, in my opinion, that the writing was a bit passive- heavier on the telling than showing side of things. Luckily the characters and story itself was intriguing enough to maintain my interest.
Margaret Comyn is enroute to her legacy, the dowry provided by her mother, in the form of Castle Fyne. It is a strategically placed keep and she is heading there to prepare the castle for her marriage to Sir Guy, who is English. Both Margaret and her brother are uncertain in regards to a highland lass marrying an English knight, but her uncle feels it is a good match. Upon arrival, Castle Fyne is under siege from the Wolf of Lochabar, Alexander MacDonald. Having too few knights and warriors, the castle put up a fight, under Margaret’s untried guidance, but ultimately fell. Margaret fights her attraction to Alexander, as he is a MacDonald, a blood enemy of the Comyns and he also fights for Robert Bruce in his attempt to take the crown.
Alexander finds himself attracted to Lady Margaret and treats her with respect and kindness regardless of what plots she stirs against him. He spends his time trying to woo her to his side and loyalty, knowing that Sir Guy would not treat her well. Alexander knows she is desirous of him but in denial.
Once I reached the climax of the story, with the battles between King Edward’s armies and Robert Bruce’s, as well as the ultimate showdown between Alexander and Guy, I couldn’t put the book down and stayed up late into the night, engrossed in the world Ms. Joyce had created.

I received this ARC from Netgalley for review.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Better To See You by Kate SeRine

The Better To See You
Kate SeRine
Kensington Publishing
February 7, 2013
5 Stars

The Better To See You is the second story in the Transplanted Tale series, and it does not fail to keep up the romance, the action and the fun from the first book Red.
Many of the Tales from Make Believe were transported to the Here and Now during a battle during a fairy godmother and a genie, and the fairy godmother’s magic went awry. The Better To See You is the story of Lavender Seelie, the fairy godmother in question. Cut off from her family and her powers limited, Lavender settled in to continuing on as Cinderella’s fairy godmother in the here and now. Lavender has had it and during a fight with James AKA Prince Charming, not only did she shrink his manhood, but lost control of her magic again and burned down their castle. In order to keep Lavender safe, her friend Red sent her across the country to the Refuge where other tales were making a life of their own.
Seth Wolf, also known as the Big Bad Wolf, has been living on the outskirts of the Refuge and trying his best to fit in. The last thing he needs is a fairy godmother with magic gone awry, but when he saves her from a hellhound not far from his cabin, their lives become entwined and then their hearts. But the hellhound was just the tip of the iceberg. Something is very wrong in the Refuge.
Transplanted Tales is becoming one of my favorite series ever. With a touch of the show Once Upon a Time and the darkness from Grimm and a lot of originality, this series is a win. The main characters are likable and work through their conflicts in a believable way, there is a good mix of grey area characters who are bit good and a bit bad and her villains are just as dark as can be.
This series isn’t to be missed.
This book was purchased by me.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Driven by Eve Silver

Eve Silver
Eve Silver
May 28, 2012
4 stars
In a bleak, dystopian world Raina Bowen is a loner and survivor. At twelve, she survived a brutal attack by Duncan Bane, the man who is running the world and the constant abuse inflicted on her by her father Sam. Now an ice trucker Raina has one goal on her mind…to win the delivery to Gladow contest so she can leave the frozen wasteland and make a home at the equator for her previously unknown sister and herself. All she needs is a pass…
Wizard, the man who was to meet Raina and deliver the much needed pass to her is not only late for their meeting, he has run afoul of Bane’s men and the pass he has is stolen, rendering it useless. He insinuates himself into Raina’s life as a traveling companion and as they face the hazards of the road , they grow closer. But once she finds out about his betrayal, Raina has to determine if she can overcome it and build a future with Wizard. Oh and did I mention that Wizard reminds me of Mr. Spock?
Driven was so much fun to read. Ms. Silver’s skill has the story play out in your mind like a big screen summer blockbuster. It has everything, exciting action, romance, over the top villainy. If you like futuristic tales that would make great movies, you have to pick this book up!

Driven was purchased by me.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Texas Hold "Em by Kay David

Texas Hold ‘Em
Kay David
Entangled Publishing
April 28, 2013
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CGFJ1KM/ref=cm_cr_mts_prod_img stars

Texas Hold ‘Em is the first in an ongoing series called Smokin’ ACES. We begin with the team leader, Timothy Santos’s story. He has come back home in undercover operation to bring down a Mexican cartel drug lord as well as find out what happened to his informant who was on the inside. He stumbles on to is former lover, the sheriff of the town, Rose Renwick, pinned down by gunfire in a remote location. He tries to explain what is going on, but Rose isn’t believing him.
Rose Renwick feels her former lover only cares about one thing, catching the bad guy by any means possible. When she discovers he is using her black sheep mother, things go from the frying pan in to the fire. The trail leads over the border to Mexico where Rose discovers her mother and his informant are one and the same.
I have to say, I’m not sure I would have given Timothy nearly as much trust as Rose does, even hesitatingly. For a while his lies to her were compounding and I was doubting they would get together but the author managed to believably bring Timothy around to some self-discovery. Texas Hold ‘Em is heavier on the suspense side than the romance side, but that’s the way I like it. I enjoy a lot of action in my romantic suspenses. I eagerly look forward to the sequel, Follow the Cowboy coming in November.

ARC provided by publisher in exchange for honest review.