Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I think I am officially done with Psych. Putting Shawn and Juliet together started the downslide (I know I'm in the minority but I always hated the idea of "Shules". She has always looked down on him and took Lassiter's side against Shawn even after they were together. Now they're apart and I don't have the stomach to watch Shawn continuously begging after her, it makes him look needy. He needs to be with someone who loves him for who HE is. I shut it off mid-show tonight for other reasons, but if this is going to turn into Shawn chasing after Juliet, begging for forgiveness for the rest of the series, I don't want to see it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Is Once Upon a Time

Going to do what I think they are going to do? I'm not at all certain how I feel about that. I hope I'm wrong.

APRIL 8, 2013

Real Men Don’t Quit by Coleen Quinn is a fun read about a best-selling author with writer’s block and single mother with trust issues. They are brought together by Tyler’s three year old daughter Chloe.
The last thing Luke Maguire wants is a committed relationship. He arrived in town for solitude to work on his long overdue book. But from the time the three year old next door wandered on to the property he was staying at to use the pool, he found himself enmeshed in Tyler and Chloe’s lives. He fears commitment because he believes he is a wanderer like his father and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, especially not Tyler and Chloe.
It’s quite enjoyable watching Tyler and Luke help one another through their various troubles and fight their growing attraction. But soon, they are giving in with the understanding that it is not permanent but both are falling in love despite their best attempts.
Real Men Don’t Quit is a nice escape from a stress filled life and the characters are well-rounded and likable. My only complaints were that at times Chloe seemed to sound like she was older than three and that the relationship was resolved with no real instigating development.

I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.