Monday, May 20, 2013


The Summer I Became a Nerd
Leah Rae Miller
Entangled Publishing
May 7, 2013
4 stars

Ever since a degrading incident middle school incident, Madelyne Summers has hidden her true self away and pretended to be something she wasn’t. Now on the verge of becoming a senior in high school, her world is about to come crashing apart. One of the things she has kept hidden is her love of comic books, downloading them on to her computer rather than buying the print copy. But the final issue of her favorite series isn’t going to be in electronic format and the copy she ordered didn’t show up on release day. Unwilling to wait another two months and have to avoid her favorite sites so she wouldn’t find spoilers, Maddie disguises herself and heads for the local comic book shop.
When she arrives there, the young man behind the counter, a classmate, is reading the very last copy. After much teasing, he allows her to borrow his copy of the comic book shop. Maddie discovers she likes this boy, one with whom she can be her true self. She starts lying to everyone to cover her tracks, which only leads to one huge disaster after another, including hurting Logan Scott repeatedly, something she never wanted to do.
The Summer I Became A Nerd is an adorable cautionary tale on the perils of not being true to yourself and living a life of lies. Maddie walks a tightrope between her two halves until she finally realizes she can’t continue down that path, and she also discovers  that despite her worries that people would think less of her, those who matter didn’t care that she loved comic books, and that ultimately, what others thought really didn’t matter.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Femme Fatale
Cindy Dees
Entangled Publishing
April 23, 2013
2 stars

Major Blake Ramsey had gotten himself involved with the wrong woman. It not only nearly destroyed his Marine career, but his life was on the line because the Russians wanted to use him to get their operative freed. His boss sent him to a Hollywood movie set as a technical adviser so he could lay low until the CIA got things sorted out.
Actress Olivia Harper has problems. She is being groomed to be a femme fatale action star, but she has no idea how idea to be sexy. But from the moment she and Blake Ramsey lay eyes on one another, there is a sizzle that can’t be doused and before she can stop herself, she asks him to help her. But one chaotic night and a bad move on her part puts Blake in the spotlight.

I really wanted to like this story. The premise from the blurb sounded exciting. The Marine officer hero hiding out on a movie set as a technical adviser because he was being hunted by Russian spies. The problem was that the plot ended up being very thin. There was no edge of your seat danger unless you counted the heroine’s co-star in the movie who was a real douche. Olivia is a well-developed character and shows growth, Blake unfortunately does not grow much.
If you’re looking for edge of your seat suspense, this book isn’t for you. But if you like a lot of hot sex scenes, this burns up the page.
I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gone With the Wolf

Gone With the Wolf
Kristin Miller
Entangled Publishing
April 23, 2013
4 Stars

Gone With the Wolf by Kristin Miller is a scorching fun paranormal read. Emelia and Drake burn right off of the page with their heat.
Emelia takes a temp job at Drake’s company after finding out that his company bought the building her bar, the Knight Owl, resides in after she had already purchased the building. Until she  can get to meet with him, she tries her best to undermine him but what she didn’t count on was the sizzling attraction they share upon meeting.
Werewolf Drake is stunned to discover his Luminary  hiding out in his wine cellar during a company Halloween party. In addition to the addictive pull he feels toward Emelia, he can only become the ruler of his pack if he bonds with his Luminary. The alternative is horrifying for control of the pack would go to his insane twin brother Silas.
The conflicts are believable as they work through Emelia’s stubbornness, a lie Drake’s father told him and the ever present violent threat that Silas represents. Gone With the Wolf came to a satisfying conclusion with a well-matched couple declaring their love for one another.